Monday, March 23, 2015

You know you're acting like a mom when....

Last spring (and by extension last fall) I crossed the magical, invisible line to adulthood. To be honest, I was completely freaked out. But now, almost a year into this new stage of life, I can say that I like it pretty fine. Of course, not too much has changed practically. I still live at home and work at the same place. Nevertheless, as I have become an adult and started working with children in more and more situations, I have begun to pick up what I call "mom instincts." What are mom instincts, you may ask. To me, they are skills or mannerisms that I have picked up from working with children almost constantly for the last year. It just means that in a lot of ways, I have started acting like a mom. So without further ado, here is my list.

You know you're acting like a mom when....

... having kids spit gum into your hand is a totally normal, weekly occurrence

... you search a church campus for half an hour looking for two twelve year old girls who "got lost while looking for a mood ring in the dark"

... you can spot a kid lying a mile away. "No, I know I already gave you snack, you have a sticker on your forehead so I am not giving you another one and you already went to the bathroom three times tonight so there is no way you have to go" (Restroom parties are quite common for preschoolers apparently. We once had to send three adults in to get some little boys who were dancing on the counter in their underwear.)

... you stop mid-sentence in a conversation to yell at the tweens down the hall, "don't hurt yourselves" when you hear them crash into the wall with the spinny chair. 

... you know and can distinguish between high fives, super high fives, knuckles, fist bumps, Baymax fist bumps, sanitary high fives, high tens, and pinky promises. 

... you are asked to set a curfew for 10 tween girls you are chaperoning (oh, yeah, I am the adult here)

... you could add "skilled in explaining the moral reason why" to your resume. (Why don't we shove kick boards under the water? Because they can pop up and hit our friends in the head. And that would not be very nice, would it?)

... you have had many children's songs such as One Elephant Went Out to Play or Bringing Home my Baby Bumble Bee stuck in your head all. day. long. 

So there you have it—my list of how I feel like a mom sometimes :) 
What things in your life make you feel like a mom? Do you work with kids a lot?

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