Sunday, November 9, 2014

{Day 9}

It was a clean-the-house day. Normally, I wouldn't love that idea, but I actually enjoyed it this time. I set my Spotify playlist to "Happy Little Working Songs" and I went at it with energy.

On the most part, I far prefer cleaning other people's houses to my own. I can get their room looking sparkling, and then I leave, without having time to see it get cluttered and dirty again, as we all know it eventually will.

That is the thing about cleaning— it is a continual process. Over and over I get frustrated by how my room seems to get messy "all on its own" and I have to clean it once again. Do you think of how frustrating it must be to God when we keep going back to the same sin over and over? I would think that He would get fed up and leave us to our messiness, but He doesn't. His mercies are never ending, and He is willing to forgive us again and again for the same offense. I am so glad to be serving such an amazing God.

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