Wednesday, November 5, 2014

{Day 5}

If you are new to this blog, or if you didn't catch it before, here is the real reason why I am doing this 1 Dress | 30 Days project.

Last summer, God did some big work in my heart, and he convinced me that I needed to go on a mission trip to serve him in a different context. Within two weeks of giving me that desire, he gave me the opportunity to go to India with my church. And that is what is happening: In February 2015, I am going to India. 

For me, deciding to go on this trip involved learning a lot of trust in God. One area of that trust is in the financial area. I am a college student paying my way through college, and to find three thousand extra dollars for this trip is impossible on my own. Isn't it wonderful that God does not leave us on our own? 

I know that he will provide, and I look forward to seeing how he will make it happen. When doing fundraising projects, I like to try to make it more fun and exciting, and really involve you more. That's where this 1 Dress | 30 Days project comes in. I think of it kind of like a 5k challenge. During a 5k, you might be asked to consider donating a dollar for every lap they run. I ask, would you be willing to consider donating a dollar for every day I wear this dress? 

Broken down, here are my reasons for doing this project:
1. God gave me the idea to do my fundraiser this way
2. I can see his provision in a practical way
3. I am learning how to be thankful for what I have by reusing items I have had for years
4. I am learning how to relate more to the kids I will be working with in India, who may only have one or two set of clothes.
5. It is stretching me in the areas of style, fashion, and blogging. 
6. I get to connect with you, the readers, more!

So as the month goes on, I hope you enjoy seeing many more posts like this. And if God leads you to donate through the process, it would be very much appreciated! Please check out my fundraiser page on the sidebar. 

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