Tuesday, November 4, 2014

{Day 4}

Maybe it comes from being an introvert, but I love those times when I do have the house to myself. I can clean the kitchen with the music as loud as I want (Welcome to the New by MercyMe, anyone?), I can do my school work quickly without interruptions, and I can have a peaceful Bible study time with God.

Yet, the more time I spend alone, the more I realize that God made us for community. For me at least, a small amount of alone time is necessary for refresh and recharge, but in community is where the ministry and spreading of his word truly happens. When alone, I can clean the kitchen and the living room over and over, but for someone whose love language is not acts of service, then that might not have much impact. When I am with people, I can encourage, share Christ's love, help them in their tasks, and show God's love in many other ways. This is why God chose us, so we can know him and make him known. I will just have to pull out this post to remind myself on those days when I don't feel like interacting with people :)

(Sorry it took me so long to post this one!)

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