Friday, November 28, 2014

{Day 28}

So today is Black Friday. Or the start of Advent. Whichever you prefer. 
Personally, while I love a good deal, I do not care for Black Friday. It just displays for all to see the greediness of America. Immediately after celebrating a holiday of thankfulness, we run down other people and fight to get the things we want. Seems a little mixed up, right? Now, if you do go Black Friday shopping, please know I am not criticizing you. I have gone several times myself, but I have decided that the early morning, the grumpy people, and the long lines are not worth it to me. I will just go to Goodwill any other good day :)

But on the subject of Advent, I would encourage you to try to celebrate Advent this year if you never have before. So many times in my life, Advent has been a constant reminder of how we should be waiting on the Lord every single day, and that we should be ready for his coming. For those of you who don't know, "advent" simply means "coming" and it is a time where we celebrate and think about the coming of the Christ. I was just given an Advent devotional, and it discussed the fact that there was 400 years between the old and new testaments in the Bible. So for the people of the time, waiting on God was real. He had promised to send the savior, but for hundreds of years, there was no word from him. Perhaps the people got restless and gave up on God, but some stayed true and trusted in his word. He was faithful then, and he is faithful now. That is so good to remember. 

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  1. This one is my favorite of the thirty days! You look like a winter princess!!!