Friday, November 21, 2014

{Day 21}

Do you ever have one of those day where everything just seems to go terribly wrong? Where your good intentions are misunderstood, where you are just plain cranky and can't figure out how to get back into a good mood?

I had one of those a couple days back. It was not fun. By the end of the day, I just wanted to have a good cry and go to bed.

Yet, I think there is a purpose to those days. They remind us that we are weak. That we can't do it on our own, that we are sinners and do fail. Although I do not like the bad days, they do remind me that I have to depend on God for every breath I take.

He is my rock, day in and day out. Sometimes, though, when I am going along and everything seems fine, I tend to think that I can do it on my own. These rough days bring me back to the truth of God's word, that on my own I am nothing, but with him, I can do anything.

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