Sunday, November 2, 2014

{Day 2}

Today, I have a confession to make. I struggle with perfectionism. Perhaps it comes partially from my first-born traits and my natural inclination toward organization, but I am always wanting to reach that pinnacle point of perfection.

So I pushed myself in school to get that 4.0. I was pleased with my clear skin, but freaked out if I got a zit before a big day. I tried to do and say all the right "Christian" things, but I reacted defensively and broke down in tears when someone else offered constructive criticism. 

I thought this was the way to please God, to fight to do my best and pretend I had everything all together. How wrong I was. He brought me to my knees and showed me that when serving him, it is better to be weak than to be strong. It is better to come to him full of weaknesses and flaws than to come to him with what we perceive to be the "perfect package." Our mistakes don't matter anymore, because his grace covers them. 

When I grasped this at last, fully and truly, it gave me so much freedom. I don't have to pretend that I know what I am doing. I don't have to push through and act like I am strong— instead I should become weak, so that his strength can shine through. 

I share this with you today because this is a path I am still on. Working through sin is an ongoing process that will not be over until we meet Jesus face to face. Part of me didn't like what I saw in these pictures. I saw flaws, imperfections. I saw a girl who did not match up to the style and beauty of the many other fashion bloggers on the web. 

But then I saw Jesus. I remembered why I am even doing this in the first place, to see him provide for me, and to make this calling he gave me come to pass. I pray that as you walk away from this post today, it inspires only awe and love for our incredible God. He made the universe, and he calls you chosen. He holds the world in the palm of his hand, and he calls you precious. No imperfection could ever overcome that.

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