Tuesday, November 18, 2014

{Day 18}

[I know I rarely comment about the items I use in my outfits, but this scarf is one that my Grandma gave me for my birthday, and I absolutely love the color! I am actually going to use it in India, so I will definitely put it to good use :) ]

Have you ever had the sense that you used your time wrongly? That you wasted a gift of an hour or two, one that could have been used to make a difference in some way, for someone. Lately, I have been convicted to evaluate the way in which I am spending my time. Would I want to be doing this if I knew Jesus was coming in 20 minutes? That is how I try to think about it. Of course, school and work are both important things, but I often realize too late that my movie or book or sewing project could have waited till later, but the opportunity to pour Jesus's love into someone else's life could not.

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