Sunday, November 16, 2014

{Day 16}

Well, I made it! Back from the grand trip down to Oregon, and still with all my mental capacities intact.

We had a wonderful time. The drive down was fantastic for the kids— they had a lot of fun and were able to grow relationships with one another. The kids are all growing and doing better in the competition as well. We had a couple break-out performances, and three kids tied for the top individual from our church. The whole weekend was also a great reminder for me of how much I love this program.

So with these pictures, you get to see my team spirit, as I wear our church's team shirt, complete with my favorite pink lace shoes and head wrap. If you happened to be in the fabric store one day some time ago and saw a girl walking around holding up her foot to different fabrics to see if they matched her shoes, well, that was me :)

On another note, our sermon at church today was a great reminder for me. It was all about Moses and the burning bush, and how everything in Moses's life up to that time was part of God preparing him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. We discussed how God invites each one of us into his big story each day. He wants to do big things with our lives, but before any of that can happen we have to stop, be quiet, and listen to his voice. Will you join me in listening today?

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