Wednesday, November 12, 2014

{Day 12}

I love to look around and notice the little blessings God gives me each day. It makes life so much more special when I take the time to be thankful for things like:
A little child yelling my name from the other side of the room because he is excited to see me
Babies who remember me
Cheery and selfless attitudes of coworkers
Playing make believe with my little sister
Chronicles of Narnia CDs in my car

Little blessings like this can make life inspiring and encouraging, and with Thanksgiving coming up, I know that many people will focus on being thankful for things like these.

Yet, I wonder, if we thank God for the disappointments as well. Yesterday, I had a disappointment. I had been planning to volunteer in a certain capacity, but then found that because of a rule I was unaware of, I would not be able to help at all. It was a small disappointment, but still it was.

God has been teaching me lately to have peace when things go wrong or don't go the way I expected. Because the truth is, God knew what was going to happen all along, and he must have a different plan than what I planned. I trust his plan, but I have not yet come to the place of thanking him for the parts of it I don't like as much.

This Thanksgiving, will you join me in thanking God for not only the blessings he throws our way, but the disappointments as well?

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