Tuesday, November 11, 2014

{Day 11}

Last Sunday (the same day as my exciting story took place) was our mission team meeting for our trip to India. We had the director of the organization that partners with the orphanage we are going to come and speak to us to tell us about the culture and situation in India.

I was dumbfounded. India is the most unreached nation of the world. The area we are specifically going to, which is located near the countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal, is even more unreached than the rest of India. For a little perspective, the country of Bhutan has a population of roughly 714,000. Only 3,000 of those people have ever heard the gospel. Only .4% of the people of Bhutan have ever even heard the name of Jesus, and I am going to a city on the border of that country. In India itself, the situation is not much better, with only 2-3% of people having ever heard the gospel. 

This is so convicting to me. Here I am, living my carefree life, when on the other side of the world many people will die today without a chance to hear about God's love and forgiveness. I know this sounds like a downer, but it should be really inspiring! We have a call to spread God's name to the far reaches of the earth. I think about the couple who started the orphanage we are going to. They are originally from south India, where there is much more of a Christian influence. Following God's call, they moved to the north of India, to an area where there were no Christians. No churches. No one at all to tell about the redemption of Christ Jesus. But because they obeyed God, there is now a church, an orphanage where 20+ kids are learning about Jesus' love for them. They run a Christian school, where kids from the community learn about God through their studies and can bring the truth back home to their parents. They have a pastor training ministry, raising up young men to do exactly what they did, to go where none have gone before and preach the gospel. 

These are the kinds of things that can happen when you are obedient to God's call. I am so excited to go where He takes me on this trip, and to be able to be a part of this ministry that He is so clearly blessing each day. Will you join me in this today?

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