Monday, November 10, 2014

{Day 10}

For me, it was an ordinary Sunday. I arrived at church, set up my music stand and my reference pages of music, since I would be interpreting in ASL for our Deaf community during worship. This was something I had done many times before, and I was comfortably ready. I checked with my mentor, confirmed the songs with the worship leader, and went to sit down with my family for a few minutes before the service started.

Then he came over. An older man with a long white beard. He said good morning and asked how I was doing. I responded amiably— I was used to older members of our church coming to talk to me during service, normally about the signing I did up front. But this time was different. He told me that about a month ago, someone had asked him to give me something, and he didn't know why. He said that he had looked for me that service, but hadn't seen me since (I had been down in children's ministry.) Then he handed me a 100 dollar bill. In shock, I nearly broke down in tears as he urged me to take it, and as I did accept it.

Throughout the worship songs, I had to fight to hold back the tears, as each song was about surrendering your worries to God and about how our God will always take care of us and how He is always victorious.

What the man who gave me that 100 dollar bill didn't know is that I am trying to raise money for a mission trip right now. He didn't know that I am also trying to pay my way through college and finances are tight. He didn't know that I was starting to get a little discouraged in this journey of trusting God with my finances, because I simply wasn't seeing the provision I was praying for.

It came at just the right moment, and it was a huge reminder of God's love for me. A month ago, that gift would not have had the same impact, but it came at this exact time because God knew that I needed it now. I needed to see God's provision and love in a real way today, and God came through.

It just gives me more confidence that God does want me on this trip. This is his plan, and he will make it happen. What a mighty God we serve.

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