Sunday, October 26, 2014

When God Says.... Go!

Normally, "go" is not a type of word that I like. On the most part, "stay" is much more comfortable. I want to stay inside and not get wet in the rain; I want to stay in my warm bed; I want to stay at my nice job. Can anyone relate?

Lately, however, God has been teaching me that safety and comfort are not high on his priority list, and that when I am truly following him, my priorities need to become the same as his. So this summer, God really caught my attention. I fell in love with him all over again, and as he began to shape me, I felt a desire I had never experienced before— I wanted to go on a mission trip.

Now, I know that desire may not sound incredibly extraordinary. Thousands of American teens go on mission trips every year. But for me, this was huge, because I have never, ever, had even a hint of a desire to go on a mission trip. Although I would never admit it, I was selfish and scared. I liked my comfortable life, my safety, my security, my ease of language access, and the list goes on and on. I never went on a mission trip because I didn't want to.

To excuse any feelings of guilt or doubt I might have, I fell into the trap that many of us have fallen into before, namely, relegating missions to a certain "class" of Christians.  I did what I am sure many before me have done, staying comfortably at home while cheering on those who I thought had the special "call" to missions. Since I never got this "call," I thought, missions were simply not my thing. I love the way Francis Chan puts it in this quote:
"Simon says, 'Pat your head,' and we pat our heads. Jesus says, 'Go therefore and make disciples.' We memorize that verse"

This makes the inconsistency so plain to see, doesn't it?
Thankfully, every time I think I have something figured out, God steps in and shows me that I have got it backwards. He revealed to me his heart for the world, and showed me that every single person who believes in Jesus is called to missions in one form or another. He gave me this deep passion and desire to serve him by doing missions here in my hometown, but also in some other place around the world. So I waited, watched and prayed, and not two weeks later, I was presented with the opportunity to go on just such a mission trip, and God showed me that this is his will for me right now.

So where exactly am I going? Hmm, well let's see if you can figure it out....

I have been learning this:
Qualities, Kind Speech, patience, Chanakya, Hindi Thought, Quote
Cooking this:
Listening to this (and I mean over and over):

And sewing (and wearing) this: 

Did you figure it out yet? 

I am going to...... (drumroll please).....


That's right. This February, I will be traveling with my church to the north of India to serve at an orphanage and Christian school there that my church sponsors. I am so excited to serve God in this way, and just as excited to be able to share the journey with you!

Now, here is the really cool part. Over the month of November, I will be doing a 1 Dress | 30 days challenge to fundraise for my mission trip. I was inspired by Elaini, from the blog Misselainious, where she styled 1 Dress for 100 Days to raise money for orphans in India. So everyday for November I will wear the same black dress and style it a different way each day. If this sounds interesting to you, please stick around for the next month and see how it plays out! And if you would like to get involved in supporting me for this trip, please check out my fundraising page on the sidebar.

I will see you all next Saturday for the start of my 1 Dress | 30 Days challenge!

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