Friday, April 4, 2014

1 Button-Down - 3 Ways | Day 2

Hey everybody!

I am back again with outfit #2 of the 1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways challenge.

This one is a bit of a different style from yesterday. My sister said that it had a "business-woman" look to it.

Shirt: Same as yesterday — still don't remember where I got it :)
Skirt: Maybe Goodwill a few years ago. $5-10
Belt: Came with a dress my sister bought (from Ross)
Necklace: Won it during camp at Fort Nisqually
Shoes that you can't see the pictures: Payless $10

I thought that with this post, it would be fun to do a sort of Awkward and Awesome post, so here goes!


- Trying to walk in heels. I just can't get this skill down :)
- Coming into your room to find your dog curled up on your bed and refusing to get down.
- During lifeguarding practice scenarios, rescuing someone who you weren't supposed to. Yeah, it gets awkward when you pull someone out the water and flip them on to a tube when they weren't expecting it :)
- Along the same lines, practicing pulling someone out of the pool and onto the deck. I mean it's one thing when the person is unconscious, but quite another when they can feel you yanking them out...
- Singing "Let it Go" at the top of your lungs, matching the exact tone of not the original version, but of this one.
- Not speaking loud enough in class, so that your teacher thought you said that you made your own hummus out of nuts and dried fruit (no, actually I said "trail mix")
- Jogging to a class from the extreme opposite end of campus, and arriving out of breath right as the class is beginning. 

- The start of a new quarter!  New classes, new people to see, new homework to do...
- A small ASL class. Since it's ASL 6, all of us in the class are really committed to learning this language and there are only twelve of us, so it makes for a very casual and friendly atmosphere
- Muppets Pandora!  We have been using this channel for about a week now, and it is a great mix of Disney, Muppets, and occasionally even Schoolhouse Rock
- Great West Practice for Bible Quizzing. For those of you who read my post from last year, you will know that the trip for Great West is one of my favorite-est things ever, and it is my last year in the program this year so I am really looking forward to it. 
- Sunshine!  
- Sparkly fabric for formal dresses. I am working on sewing my formal dress right now using this pattern

There's my outfit for Day #2! See ya'll tomorrow!

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  1. Another pretty outfit today! I like the light colored accessories. They really pop against the blue and black and make your ensemble fun and less businesslike :)