Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why I Wear Skirts

This is the second installment in my "Why I..." series. Part one is here.

(All photos are included to give you an idea of how I dress on a day-to-day basis)

The people around me have sometimes tried to supply answers or give reasons for why I wear skirts.

"They must be... comfortable?"

"I'm pretty sure you're Amish."

"I told him to go get a girlfriend and then he'd understand why girls do things."

"You must be very religious."

All of these statements I have heard at one time or another. The truth is that none of them are entirely accurate. People often get confused ideas about why I choose to wear skirts over pants, or why I choose to dress modestly at all. I hope that with this, I can make it a little more clear.

Now, I realize that my choices in life are not for everyone. So if you believe differently than I do about this issue, that's totally fine, and I would love to hear about your perspective. My hope is that in sharing what God is doing in my life, I can encourage you and perhaps inspire a few people to consider if God might be calling them to a similar path.

My first reason for wearing skirts is simply that it is something God has called me to do. He put it on my heart to work at being intentionally modest and feminine in my dress. Besides being modest, skirts also can work as a witnessing tool. Although the people around you may not say anything, they do notice.  I have had both guys and girls ask me why I dress the way I do, and I am able to share what God is doing in my life. Even some of the more ridiculous comments above led to conversations where I could help them understand the "why" in what I do. In John 15:19, it says, "You are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world." By wearing skirts, I can show that I am different from the world. For me, it is a way of saying, "God has done a big change inside of me, so I am going to show that through a big change outside of me."

Please notice that I am not using the verse Deuteronomy 22:5, which is commonly used in regard to wearing skirts. The verse reads,
" A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does such things is an abomination to the Lord your God."

In this time period, both men and women wore tunics, so I don't think it specifically relates to the skirts vs. pants issue. However, I do agree with Nicole from Children are a Blessing that the verse does show that "God likes a distinction between male and female clothes." While I have seen many girls wear outfits with pants that were distinctly feminine as well, I believe that, in general, wearing skirts makes it easier to achieve that goal.

My second reason for wearing skirts can be summed up in one sentence. I am not a feminist. In fact, I read blogs such as Ladies Against Feminism. Feminism is so prevalent in all our culture today. For example, in my english class, we read an article trying to convince us that we all should call ourselves "feminists." The idea touted today is that feminism is singularly responsible for all good things women experience. I do not believe this to be true. In addition, gender lines are becoming increasingly blurred. By wearing skirts and dressing in a feminine way, I can show very simply, that I am a woman, and very happy in my role. This can be shown through outfits not involving skirts as well, but I find it very easy to dress in a feminine manner by putting on a nice skirt.

Pumpkin Patch Outfit
Another reason is that, for me, I find it very easy to be modest in a skirt. I remember when I would wear jeans and pants, I was always worried about making sure that my shirt was long enough and that my pants weren't too tight.  Those worries don't bother me any more. Now of course there are different modesty issues with skirts, such as length, but I find those simpler to deal with and more easily alterable.

There are times, it is true, when pants would be more modest. For example, when riding roller coasters, playing in the snow, or going horseback riding. In those situations, though, I would probably try to make sure I had a long shirt of some sort such as the type referenced here.

For myself, I find skirts much more comfortable. I can throw on a maxi dress with a sweater and look classy, when secretly, I am wearing it just for how comfortable the knit fabric is. Interestingly, I have also found that if I wear pants, I tend to feel subconscious about how I look and mentally compare myself to other girls. Just a thought.

One struggle for me has been finding modest clothes for work. You see, I work teaching swim lessons and guarding.  Swimsuits tend to not be the most modest things in the world. After struggling for years growing up with swimsuits too low or shorts that kept riding up, I found this pattern. Actually, I started with another pattern, but it doesn't exist on the internet anymore, and this pattern is just as good. I now sew my own swimsuits which have a dress and leggings. In this way, I can feel comfortable and modest while working. As you probably realize, this form of swimwear is very different from the other kinds worn on the pool deck. Hence, the interesting comments.
(I am working on getting a picture of my swim dress, but taking photos in 40° fog does not sound fun to me :)

So in closing, yes, skirts are comfortable, but that is not the primary reason I wear them.

No, I am not Amish, and I probably wouldn't be wearing a bright blue floral skirt and lifeguarding if I were.

Will getting a girlfriend help a guy understand every facet of the female mind? Most likely not. (Feel free to see my previous post for more on this subject.)

Am I "very religious"? That could be an entire blog post in and of itself. But, yes, I dress the way I do so that, "in everything I do, whether in word or in deed, I do it all for the glory of God."

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  1. I wear skirts/dresses all the time and no ones has ever asked me why, they just accept that I do. You have some lovely skirts . I no longer like to wear jeans and find I can do everything I want in a skirt and they are just as warm in winter.

  2. This is such a good post! I wish more people did similar ones. I wear only skirts and dresses as well, and several people have asked me why. This post sums up the answer perfectly!!!

  3. Such an excellent summary! I too wear skirts and dresses, this explains why perfectly.

  4. Perfectly summed up! And exactly to a T on the way I feel ! It's so nice to know there are others out there that are not doing the things they do because others say so, or because that's what our parents God has said. It has to be a personal conviction and decision! Great post!

  5. Wow. Awesome.
    I also wear skirts, and I loved to hear this wonderful encouragement. I can already tell I love this blog, and you are a wonderful young lady. :)

  6. So nice that other girls care about being modest! I enjoyed this post! I enjoy reading why other girls wear skirts. I wear them all the time (but i do wear pants for bed). Do you were skirts all the time? Thanks for this post!

    1. Hi Tashia,

      Thanks for commenting! I do wear skirts all the time, except for pants to bed like you. However, if I go to a roller coaster park (like when I went to six flags this summer) I will wear pants with a tunic/short dress over the top.
      God bless!

  7. Really great post! So far my sister and I have not tackled this subject on our blog ( but when we do I hope it turns out like yours! It's great to see other girls dressing this way! Since you mentioned an English class I assume you aren't homeschooled? That would take even more conviction to switch over to only skirts if you attend public school! Again- great post! ~Rebekah

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! As to the school thing, I actually am homeschooled, but I am in a "Running Start" program at my community college. (High school seniors and juniors can go to the college and take classes for dual credit.) So it was a transition, for sure, from homeschooling, but many of my friends from my homeschool co-op go there, so that helps :)

  8. Just came back and read this post again because I remembered how good it was... ;-)

  9. I am Brazilian and I wear skirts/dresses all time since I finished high school (we had to wear jeans as an uniform in the school), but I've been hating pants since I was 2 years old. I have always said that pants were for boys :p And as grew up, I hated pants more and more... When I was 10 years old, mom simply stop trying to make me wear pants out of the school and from 10 to 18 years old I bought 1 jeans a year, exclusively for wearing at school.

    I live in Rio, so we have a tropical weather that makes very easy wearing skirts all the year, however, I love wearing tights when it's cold and rainy by the middle of the year (when we're in the winter). So, I chose wearing just skirts and dresses because I am proud to be a woman and I love feeling the most feminine I can be and because I refuse feminist ideas. "By wearing skirts and dressing in a feminine way, I can show very simply, that I am a woman, and very happy in my role." your quote is perfect!

  10. This is such a unique perspective! While I don't feel called to wear skirts all the time, I still appreciate how genuine and thoughtful this article is. Thank you for sharing this with me, Abby!

  11. So you don't believe in the political, economical, and social equality of the sexes?? Why not??

    1. I believe that both men and women are created by God, loved by him, and equal in his eyes. However, I believe that there are distinct differences between men and women and that because of this, we have different roles to play in life. Although feminism was originally focused on the equality of women, the focus has shifted to ignoring the differences between men and women all together. There are some jobs that men perform better than women, and there are some jobs that women perform better than men. Ignoring these differences is irresponsible and can be dangerous, and that is exactly what feminism is doing today. So while I believe that men and women are equally valuable, God made us different for a reason, and I want to dress in a way that reflects that.
      Thank you for commenting and giving me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts!

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