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Before I start, I want to inform you about my history with Disney movies. We go way back. In fact, my mom and dad have videos from when I was four or five, of me dancing and singing while Cinderella played in the background. When my sister was four, her career goal was to be Snow White at Disneyland.

So yes, I have always liked Disney a lot.

But, in recent years, Disney has not been quite as impressive. When The Princess and the Frog came out, my friend went to see it with her brother..... and walked out halfway due to all the sorcery and witchcraft in it. Not really the Disney material I had come to expect.

But when Tangled came out, Disney took a turn for the better. And while I have debated it again and again with myself, I have to admit that Frozen tops Tangled. Hands down.

I do not know that I can fully express how much I enjoyed this movie, but maybe this picture will be a start:


Yep. That's pretty much how I felt about it.

The Concept/Plot: 
Just amazing. It is based very loosely off a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, but the story line itself is completely unique. I am going to try not to give spoilers here, but let's just say that it is not your typical Disney princess movie. There were so many little (and big) unexpected plot twists that surprised the whole theater, as we could tell by the sounds of shock from those around us :)


I also loved the fact that the movie had romance, but also focused on the love between two sisters. At last, Disney is recognizing that there are other kinds of true love besides the romantic kind. 

The Characters: 
Ah, there are so many good ones that I will have to go through each one individually. 


As a big sister, I felt like I related to Elsa so much. Throughout most of the movie, she works so hard to try to keep everyone around her safe. She truly loves her sister, and you can see that it breaks her heart SPOILERS when she has to stay away from her to protect her. END SPOILERS

I also love that through the movie you can see her character change. Too often in movies like these the main character is a cookie-cutter good girl princess character. Disney did a great job in their development of all the characters in Frozen. I felt that you could empathize with them, something I haven't found in many other animated films. 


It is absolutely hilarious how much Elsa and Anna relate to me and my younger sister. Anna is so adorable with her klutziness and her "go get em'" attitude, although her emotional side does get her into trouble. 


I enjoyed how the movie showed Anna's love for Elsa, and how Anna would stop at nothing to connect with her sister. Anna's character has a lot of drive and leadership, but it is in very good proportion with her slightly awkward moments. I think her passionate side went over a little better than Rapunzel in Tangled, who at times came off a little "female super hero-ish" for my taste. 

And then there's Anna with Hans:

So adorable!


Hans and Anna together seemed so perfect, although my mom still claims that they and their love song remind her of High School Musical. He is very much the "dashing prince charming type", and so gentlemanly, especially in the first few scenes. 

The song that Anna and Hans sing together, Love is an Open Door, is so sweet, and c'mon, robot dance moves? Who doesn't like that? 



Unlike Hans, Kristoff is kinda your typical guy. He's an outdoorsman who hangs out with his reindeer and is somewhat awkward in social situations. Okay, maybe not so typical. 

The point is, though, that he's not a prince charming. He doesn't say romantic things and bring the girl flowers and chocolates. But he is a strong friend and supporter. He even gives up his own rights and wishes for the good of someone else. 

To be honest, I think this is a huge step in the right direction for Disney. In society, we need fewer dashing princes singing romantic love songs and more men who are strong, steady, and have the courage to do what is right. 

All in all, Kristoff is a great character, and I think one of the better male role models portrayed in movies today. 



Olaf is simply awesome. He provides welcome comedic relief throughout the movie, and he really cares about Anna and Kristoff. His obsession with summer is equally adorable, and quite hilarious. 

My mom maintains that his song, In Summer, was one of the best numbers in the movie. Definitely one of the best sidekicks Disney has created so far. 

Additionally, he got the definition of love right, "When you put someone else's needs before your own." And I think he had the sweetest line in the whole movie: "Some people are worth melting for."
Can get an "aahhh"?

Other characters:
There were other miscellaneous characters who contributed to the plot, but I'm not going to spend much time on them.
There were:
the trolls, 

Sven the reindeer, 

and the Duke of Weaseltown.

Hopefully those are fairly self-explanatory :)

Don't even get me started on the music from this movie. Oh wait, you just did :)

I love Frozen's music so much. The day after we saw it, we were sitting on Disney Pandora and skipping through the songs until it came to Frozen songs. That afternoon, we bought the soundtrack. 

Now we have determined that the soundtrack is completely unnecessary, since almost every member of my family has the songs memorized. 

The music score is amazing, and the songs fit into the plot beautifully, bringing good character development. The songs are just begging for a stage musical, and I have read that a Broadway adaption is already in the works at Disney. 


Two times the princesses means two times the outfits, right? Disney did not disappoint. I love making movie replica costumes and Frozen offers several opportunities. I love Elsa's coronation dress in particular. 


The hairstyles on the both girls were also lovely, but sadly animated hair is a little easier to work with than real hair, so they are a little hard to replicate :)

In Conclusion:
Disney has made a new classic. This is, to me, a return to the Disney movies of old that I loved when I was a little girl. 

Just an FYI, there was a bit of peril, and it freaked my brother out a bit. However, unlike some other Disney movies, none of the characters suffered any real harm. So I think the peril is fairly comparable to Beauty and the Beast

All in all, it was a very sweet movie, and I would greatly encourage you to go see it. 

Just for a treat, here is the sweetest version of Let It Go I have ever heard, sung by two four year old twins. 

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