Sunday, October 6, 2013

I want to become a girl who...

... Who has the light of Jesus shining so bright in her heart that none of her mistakes or pride can hide it.

... Who reaches out to others, even when they push back.

... Who is not afraid to share God's love with those around her, no matter how uncomfortable or painful it may be.

... Who thinks before she speaks, and takes care that her words may not injure others.

... Who takes a painful or frustrating situation and looks on it as a way for God to shape her to become more like Him.

... Who recognizes her mistakes and is quick to ask for forgiveness.

... Who reflects the glory to God whenever she is praised.

... Who sees the conversations with those around her as not just a time to chat, but as a time to bless them or to impact their lives.

... Who does not seek attention for herself but only seeks to bring honor to God.

... Who does not look at others in judgement, but with compassion and mercy.

... Who brings everything in her life to the foot of the cross, and who trusts God for direction and purpose.

... Who holds her plans loosely enough to give up everything if that is what God asks.

... Who connects with God from moment to moment in prayer.

... Who cares for others more than herself.

... Who lives each day as if it were her last.