Monday, June 24, 2013

The Very Essence of Summer Vacation

For me at least, when I first get out of school for the summer it feels like this:

*Yawn* Finally I can catch up on all that sleep I lost during the school year. 

Then it feels like:

YEAH! I don't have to go to school for three months! I can run around and do whatever!!!

 At last, reflecting on the seemingly wasted summers of past years it looks like this:

Nothing will waste these precious summer hours. 

But eventually, after playing board game after board game and running outside during the few hours of sun we do have (ah, summer in the great Northwest), we have to use all our inner creativity to find ways to pass the time of day.  

One thing we have done lately is play the "Writing Game." In this game, each person writes a sentence to start a story, fold the paper over, and passes it to the next person.  The next one writes another sentence based on the first, and folds the paper so the next person can only see the second sentence. This continues until the paper is filled up and then everyone reads the story they started. Some make no sense whatsoever, but others turn out rather hilarious.  

I have just two of the stories to share with you.  If our sense of humor is a little childish for your taste, I apologize. Perhaps we are the same as my anthropology professor, who claims that her sense of humor stopped maturing at the third grade level. Or perhaps it is because three of the participants in this game are elementary school age. Anyway, here are the stories.  Keep in mind that each sentence was written with only the one directly above it for reference. 

Cotton Candy Angels

Once upon a time, there was a gorilla who was lonely. So he got his car's emission checked. The car's emission was so bad that the car blew out cotton candy instead of exhaust. The cotton candy fell on to the road and the little children ate it, not knowing it was exhaust. So they blew up and floated to the sky. Then they became tiny angels. Their favorite angel activity was dragster racing on clouds. But the angel mothers wished their daughters to sew stars together and make a big blanket.  They did make a quilt and then the stars became real. In the end, everyone was happy because they got to take a star home. 

Barney and his Teddy Bear

Once upon a time, NASA found Barney floating in space with the Doodle Bops and rocking out. NASA was thrilled to find some new astronauts, and started Barney in the rookie astronaut position— making pizza in the NASA food court. Barney failed his job as a food court employee at NASA because he tried to hug every customer. The boss said, "Fired," but Barney thought he meant "Fire!" and ran out of the building. He was very sad to have lost his favorite job, so he ran home and hugged his teddy bear and sobbed. Then the word got out that he still used a teddy bear and people made fun of him. But he loved his teddy bear so much that he started an organization called the Adult Teddy Bear Lovers of America, also known as ATBLA. The ATBLA had meetings every Tuesday in the president's hot tub. Some people brought teddy grahams, so the president took them and flavored his lemonade with them. This made the lemonade taste like calf's foot jelly, so when he tried to make the people drink it, they rebelled and impeached him. Then they elected a new president who liked strawberry lemonade instead. 

So besides working and studying for Bible Quizzing, this is what I'm doing this summer. 
If you or your family finds yourself with nothing to do this summer, give this game a try. Even the crazy ones are funny when the person reading it can't stop laughing at all the inside jokes and movie references. :)

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