Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oddities of Life

Family photos last fall. Can you guess why this one didn't appear in our Christmas Card?
God is amazing, and truly works all things together for the good of those who love him.  But sometimes, there are just strange, hilarious, or flat out odd things that happen.  A few things struck me lately as very out of the ordinary, so I thought I would share them with you.  I don't plan to turn this into a regular thing, but if more things like these start happening, well, you never know.

#1: My little guy in my AWANA group comes up to me, very excited, "Guess what, teacher!  My brother dropped my toothbrush in the toilet by accident but my grandma is going to buy me a new one!"

#2: In one of my classes at my community college there is a biker dude who out of all the seats in class, chooses to sit with the three conservative Christian homeschooled Running Start students.  And after hearing that I had fallen down the stairs at school (yeah, I know) he offered to push down the stairs anyone who laughed at me.  Yeah, no, that won't be necessary.

#3: You've probably seen them. The young Mormon guys in dress suits riding around on their bicycles to spread the word about Mormonism.  But how many times have you seen two such Mormon guys in suits on bicycles racing a little girl on a pink Barbie motor scooter? I saw this in my neighborhood.  Just crazy.

Sometimes I think that God lets these situations happen to bring a little laughter to our lives, and other times I think he does it to remind us that he is really in control, and that the norm may not be his plan, but something far greater (or perhaps more hilarious).

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