Saturday, November 3, 2012


Sometime it seems like all I'm doing.

Trying to finish a paper before it's due tomorrow.
Trying figure out the very last part of a piano piece.
Trying to study for two tests at the same time.
Trying to be patient when my sibling interrupts my train of thought for the third time in a row.
Trying to think of something worthwhile to say so that I can update my blog.
And trying to see how God fits into it all.

The last one is the hardest.  It is hard for me to focus and to take the time to pray when I would rather just go to sleep or to spend ten minutes reading His word when I would rather email a friend.

With the rest of the things I try to do, I think I can handle it.  I can spend hours studying, I can cram in my memorization, I can even bite my tongue and control my anger.  I can do that.

Then again, maybe I can't

Unless God is constantly there, in the center of my heart, it is all futile.  Honestly, what does an A in English mean when compared to knowing our Savior?

If my life gets crazy and seems out of control, He shows me His view of the bigger picture, and my issues suddenly become much smaller.

I've learned lately that my relationship with God isn't one-sided. He doesn't automatically give me peace and fulfillment.  It is only when I seek after him and follow his ways that I am given the joy that comes from following Christ.

Blessings 1-5
1. Love.  From so many people, in so many ways, and most of all from my Lord Jesus Christ
2. The opportunity to serve with little children and to see their faith.
3. An umbrella (Not very spiritual, but soooo nice to have at school)
4.  Friendships.  Past, present, and in the making.
5. The miracle of adoption

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