Monday, September 10, 2012


Last week I was at Disneyland.  Yep, the happiest place on earth, as it's called.  I had a blast spending time with my family and enjoying the parks.  One night, we saw a show called "World of Color" at California Adventure Park.  It was absolutely incredible.  Streams of water colored by light shot into the air, while sheets of water formed projection screens in the background.

While watching this, my thoughts kept going back to how amazing God is.  At the time, I thought it was strange that a water performance of "Under the Sea" brought God to my mind.

That night, my mom got a call that my Great-grandpa had died. He died only a few minutes before the show began.  We had heard a few days before that he was sick, but we never expected it to be so sudden.  He lived a very long life and loved Jesus with all his heart, but it was still hard.   It was especially hard to be so happy and so sad all at the same time.

Later that night, I realized why my mind kept coming back to God during the show. I was watching one of the most spectacular displays of human ingenuity.  Technology and beauty came together in an incredible way. Still, that was only what man had to offer.  While I was watching a earthly presentation down here, I can only wonder what my great-grandpa was watching up in heaven at the exact same time.  If I saw the beauty of what man can do, the shows that God puts on up there must be far greater.

I love the song that says,

Better is one day in your courts
Better is one day in your house
Better is one day in your courts
Than thousands elsewhere

We are sad that our great-grandpa has left us, because we will miss him a lot.  But we are happy for him, because he has gone to someplace far better than any place on earth.

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