Thursday, August 23, 2012

The attention level of a three year old.

So today I spent some time playing with my three year old cousin.  (To see pictures of her her when she was one click here.)  While I hung out with her, I was reminded of how short the attention span of a little kid is.


"Do you want to play on the swings?"

"Sure! Let's go!"

2 minutes later she says...

"All done now. Can we play on the teeter-totter?"

You get the picture. But, even thought she would only play the other toys for about a minute, there was one thing she really wanted to do, the trampoline.  At the time, some other kids were on it, so she had to wait.  Every time we finished playing with something else, she asked for the trampoline.  When she finally got on, she had a blast and wanted to stay on for a really long time.

That surprised me.  Since she had such a short attention span about the other things, why did she like the trampoline so much?  She knew what she wanted, and she really worked to get it.  (I mean, how many times can you ask for something in the space of ten minutes?)

I can be like a three year old at times.  My mind and my focus want to jump from activity to activity or from event to event.  I have to push to stay focused and have a long attention span for the things that are important.

But what about those things that I really want?  What about those things that I work for?  Am I pushing hard after the things of God, or am I working really hard to get to jump on a trampoline?  It was another good wake-up call to remember to evaluate everything I do in light of eternity.

To end this post on a happy note, let me show you a few pictures of my cousin at her "big kid" age of three years.

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