Saturday, June 25, 2011


Somewhere in the middle of South Dakota....

Winds tear through the trees.  Dark foreboding clouds fill the sky.  Light poles, trees, and shopping carts swing precariously back and forth.  Yet, in the middle of all this, I feel peace.

This wind, this massive force, can change into hurricanes and tornados. It can shake all that we as humans think is secure.  When I see an endless field of prairie grass swayed back and forth by the wind, I can feel its awesome power.

But wind isn't even a 'someone.'  It's a thing.  A thing controlled by God. He gives the wind its power and strength.

We can't see the wind.  We can't see the Lord.  If wind—this unseen force—is so great and powerful, how much greater must the One who controls it be?

In this world, lives can be changes in a split second by the storms of nature.  Life is so fragile.  But we have an awesome God who controls it!  What a blessing to have this assurance, this peace.  Even in the midst of the hardest struggles, we can remember who holds the world in His hand.

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