Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....NOT!!!!!

So what if we've had a lot of snow lately.  So what if my house is completely decorated right now and I have Christmas music playing. I haven't caught the Christmas spirit.

Yeah, I know it's early in the season, but normally by this time I 'd be loving every aspect of the season.  I would delight in the Christmas music, food, decorations, anything!

I think I know the reason for this.  This Christmas season, God has placed on my heart all the people who celebrate this holiday without knowing him.  People who either have turned Christ out of Christmas or who walk into a store and have no idea what a manger scene is for.  

This is not surprising.  Today, everything is conspiring to make us forget the way Christ fits into everything in our lives.  People say 'Happy Holidays' in order to avoid the term Christmas simply because it has the word "Christ" in it.  

Ultimately, Christ's name has immense power.  When people say Jesus was only a good man, I think, "Then, why is he still the center of such controversy 2,000 years later?"  Why are the names of the Greek gods not shied away from or ignored?  We know that they had no power.  

A few days ago, I watched "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."  Although it was a cute movie,  my heart ached watching it, for the movie's main purpose is to explain the start of Christmas and Santa Claus.  My dad said he watched this movie as a kid.  That made me think.  How many generations of children were deceived into believing that Christmas was started by a guy in a red suit?  How many children believe that Christmas is about reindeer and presents?  If you took 100 kids and asked them what Christmas is about, what would they say?

This is even a problem in the church.  We get so caught up in the rush of the season, the shopping, decorating, etc, that we forget the purpose behind all that we do.  I think Christian children are just as likely to say Christmas is about Santa as children who have never been to church.  

Do you see what this has come to?  We worship Santa as a "god" of Christmas, while the One behind it all is shoved into a corner.  Today, our children are taught not to cry or pout, but to what purpose?  To get a toy at Christmas.  Meanwhile, Satan laughs and rejoices at his victory.  For, even though Christmas teaches morals, it is without Christ.   That is exactly what Satan wants.  Have you noticed what name you get when you rearrange the letters of "Santa"?  Pretty scary.  

The original Santa was a man named Saint Nicholas who gave gifts because Jesus gave.  Nicholas would be appalled to see how he is exalted today while Jesus is lowered.  

Our world has morphed Christmas, but what can we do?  

When you hear the word "Missionary" what do you think of?  A christian serving in a distant country perhaps?  This is the wrong perception.  God has given us a mission field right around us.  My uncle told me lately that only 4% of the people in my county go to church.  Only 4%. Aside from this, not all people in churches are born-again believers.  So think, do the people in your neighborhood know Christ? 
If you answered "no" or "I don't know," congratulations!  You have your own mission field right around you!  

I cried while writing this post.  Doesn't it shock you how we have treated our Lord and Savior?  The one who should be gloried above the earth is forgotten and ignored.  The things we celebrate that originated with Him are twisted so that that is not their purpose anymore.  

If nothing else, remember this.  Don't let Satan trick you anymore.  Christmas is all about Jesus Christ, our Savior from God, and NOTHING can change that.  Let him saturate you with his love and guidance this season and for the rest of your life.  Through him, it will really begin to feel like Christmas.  


  1. Wow. You are so right! We tend to worship Santa, the snow, Christmas trees, and presents. Sometimes we even start to worship the manger, the angels, the wise men, the star. But how many of us worship Christ as the center of Christmas, the Creator of the universe? Let's have a very merry CHRISTmas!
    Your friend,
    Hannah :)

  2. Love it sister! Awesome!!!!! And yes you are totally right. I love the way you blog about moral & social issues of our society today. LOVE YA!!!!!!!!
    M&M =-)