Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dad is the one                                                                                                              
Who goes to work each day                                                 
And yet he still comes home
Ready to play
When you’re stuck on your math
Dad’s the one to ask
And he will help you
With a very hard task
Mom is the one 
Who scrubs and cleans
She will also mend 
A hole in your jeans
When you’re scared 
In the middle of the night
Mom will come
And hug you tight
Sisters are the ones 
Who play with dolls

And they tell of princesses 
In marble halls
Doing hair and
Making pie
Sisters are there 
If you need a good cry
Brothers are the ones
Who climb up trees
And get scrapes on 
Their arms and knees
But if ever anyone 
Starts to tease
Brothers will be there
As quick as you please
Though we are different
It is true
We are family
And I love you!

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