Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Speech

Suppose tomorrow Congress passed a law that everyone must buy little red wagons.  You think that I do not want to buy a little red wagon.  I don’t like wagons.  I don’t like red.  the government can’t make me buy something!  Absurd as this seems, this is exactly what is happening with the new health care law.  This has been debated over and over again since before the bill became law.    Many people are questioning whether the government has the constitutional power to force us to use health insurance.  What is truth and what is false? In this speech I will show you:
What is actually in the health care reform law
 How it affects you
 If it is really constitutional
To truly analyze the health care document, we must first know what it says.   In short, the health care will provide a new sort of government funded health insurance.  All doctors and nurses will be made from the government’s purse, at no cost to you.  Additionally, anyone, even people who are currently sick, can obtain health insurance.  If you have your own plan, you can keep it.  Everyone will share the cost of the nation’s medical bills.  This may seem like the greatest plan in the world.  Who wouldn’t want to save on medical costs?  As wonderful as it may seem, there are a multitude of problems with this plan.   The first problem is that “free” health care isn’t free, for we must pay for it with our taxes.  Although our doctor costs may go down, our taxes will rocket sky-high, for we will be paying for not just our own, but for many other people’s medical bills.  Beyond the financial problems, this is socialism, the very thing Americans want to avoid.  
All this information is important, but how does it affect you?  Initially, you will be FORCED to have health insurance.  Some may say, why is that a bad thing?  But suppose you are a person who takes good care of your body, exercises, and doesn’t participate in dangerous activities.  You rarely get hurt or sick and don’t feel the need to bother with insurance.  When you need a doctor, you can pay for it yourself.  Under the new government mandate, you would have no choice but to use the government health insurance or find some of your own.  Secondly, you may have to wait for long periods of time at the doctor’s office.  Canada now has a health care system similar to the one we are planning to implement, and patients there have been known to wait for months to get medical treatment.  Three other things you may encounter are: little patient flexibility, less doctors, and government restrictions on food.  Surely this is not what we want for our country, for once socialism starts, it will only get worse.  
Finally, is this health care mandate constitutional?  The section over which there is concern, is the fact that the new plan requires U.S. citizens to purchase health insurance.  Never in United States history has there been a time when the government has mandated a purchase. This case has gone to the Supreme court, as Florida and Virginia have both filed lawsuits.  Recently, studies have shown that Americans agree with these lawsuits and are dissatisfied with the new health plan.  Also, there is another problem.  As I stated already, the new law guarantees That even people with pre-existing conditions can obtain health insurance.  The problem with this is that some people would only purchase health insurance when they are hurt or sick.  Think of it this way.  You are driving along the road and get in a horrendous accident.  You don’t have car insurance, so you go buy some and say, “I want you to pay for my repairs.”  The car insurance company will tell you, No, no, no.  We won’t pay for something that happened already. That’s not the way insurance works.” Yet, this is what is happening with this new health care.  The solution to this says the law ‘that everyone will have to buy insurance already, so this won’t be a problem; however, the fine for not having health insurance is MUCH lower than the cost of insurance itself.  Consequentially, many people will simply accept the fine and only purchase health insurance when they need it.   Then the health insurance companies, having not enough money to cover their patients will raise their prices, making health care more unaffordable.  The law will be make more problems rather than solving any.    With elections on the horizon, this mandate has become a huge issue that many representatives and senators have spoken on.  Current Democratic position holders have done their best to build support for this new law, although the controversy only seems to grow.  Is this new mandate constitutional? Only time will  tell.  
Through this speech, I hope I have opened your eyes to what is going on in our government by explaining what is truly in the health care law.  Now that you know how it will affect you, you can make up your mind to stand for or against it.  As to it being constitutional, that will be for the Supreme Court to decide.  Ultimately, though, you have the power to take a stand for what you believe is right.  So I want to encourage you to find out what is happening in the world around you, for you can only make a difference when you know the facts.    

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