Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever.........

Lately my family has started a Bible study based on the Westminster shorter catechism.  I have also been studying the shorter catechism in school.  The first question and answer we studied was,

Q.  What is man's primary purpose?

A.  To glorify God and enjoy him forever.  

Over the week, we studied the different aspects of this catechism, finally coming down to what it means for us today.  One of the points I loved was when we discussed what it means to "glorify God."   The book pointed out that to "glorify God," does not mean to make God more glorious.  God is already as glorious as he can be, and nothing we do can affect that.  How you truly glorify God is by reflecting his glory.   And how can you do that?  I believe you can do it through the simple things, like answering kindly when someone is rude to you, or seeking out the shy person instead of hanging out with your friends.  These are the things that can brighten a sad day, these are the things that show God's love.

I just have one more point to share with you.  It is the concept of enjoying God.  Had you ever thought of just sitting back and enjoying Him?  Enjoying God is what can keep you joyful in the midst of sorrow.  
Last Sunday, at the end of the service, our pastor played some music and asked us to just spend some time with the Lord.  That time was amazing.  I really felt God's presence.  

I would like to challenge you:
Today, would you take time to just close your eyes, sit back, and bask in His presence?
If you're having a rough day, spend some time with the Lord.  
If he has done amazing things and you're rejoicing in Him, take some time and listen to him.  
Any time and any place He is ready.  The choice is yours.  
Will you spend some time with your Lord and Savior?


  1. Great post sweetheart! I am loving learning about God with you. Thanks for being a great example of glorifying God to your siblings.
    I love you,

  2. Amazing post girly! wow I really really really needed to hear this right now. I absolutely love how God is revealing Himself to you and I am glad that you are learning from Him, as well as sharing with the rest of us what you are learning. I love you tonnss!!!