Friday, September 10, 2010

One Totally Awesome and Completely Crazy Day

Whew! This day has been sooo busy!
Yesterday, my sweet sister Sunshine was in bed with a fever.  We prayed that she would get better quickly, for we had many activities planned for today.  This morning she woke up and was all better!! We were very excited!  This morning, to start out our day, we went to the fair.  Today was the first day, so they had a parade.  Today only, you could also get in free! It was a lot of fun!  We saw the animals, and a circus, and tons of friends!  We saw more friends than exhibits!  After the fair, we went immediately to the car repair shop to pick up our car.  From there, we went to our first speech and debate meeting at our friend's house.   It was a great meeting, and I learned many important things about speech and debate.  Next, we went out to get dinner, then came home, and five minutes later our friends were here for care group!  This has been a very enjoyable and incredible day!  Right now, I am writing after care group and will soon go to bed. (hopefully)  Tomorrow morning is the first Bible Quiz meet!! Yeah!!  I can't wait to see what God will show me in the days to come.

In His name,
See ya!

What a calming picture after a long day!

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