Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to, well, Me!

That's right! I turned 14 this last weekend. Because of family and friends, I was blessed to be able to celebrate my birthday three times. (my brother questions the fairness of this =)  Here are some pics from the fun time we had.

To start off the weekend, five of my best friends came over to my house for a sleepover.  We had a blast!

My Dad even made a photo scavenger hunt for us.  Some of the clues were very hard.  Can you guess what we were looking for in this picture?

Later, in addition to cake and ice cream, we devoured a God's Princess stroke of genius:
Chocolate Pizza!

All in all, my sleepover was a ton of fun, and, believe it or not, I actually got 8 hours of sleep!

The next day.
After all my friends went home, my Grandparents and cousins came over to celebrate mine and my Gramma's birthdays.  

Finally, on the last day of the weekend, it was my birthday!  It was so nice to have already done my party and to be able to spend time with my family.  
(One of my favorite parts was when my Mom let me watch Pride and Prejudice =)

This is me,  Little Buddy, and "chickie".
Chickie was Little Buddy's special birthday present to me. (Isn't that sweet)

As I start my year as a fourteen year old, I am very thankful for my family and friends who surround  me with their love and kindness.  But most of all, I am extremely thankful to God for his never-ending patience and love toward me.  

In His name, 
See ya!


  1. Happy Birthday, God's princess! I'm glad you had so much fun. I did too.
    Your friend,

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