Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greek Roots

Okay, you may laugh at me for this, but I'm going to show you a bit of my schoolwork.  This last week in writing, we were studying Greek roots.  They are as follows:

anthrop = man               phil = love                    bibleo = book                   miso = hate    phon = sound         graph/gram = writing                           scop/skept = see/examine  

Roots that go specifically at the beginning of a word:

a = not/no         eu = good           caco = bad        tele = far                          teleo/telio = result        macro = near     micro = small           mega = large

Roots that go specifically at the end of a word:

mania = madness for              phobia = fear

I know this is a lot of grammar to give you at once, but the fun thing about these is you can make up tons of new words!  Try to guess what these mean:






Have fun and make up some of your own! (I think the phobia's are the most fun =)

In His name,
See ya!


  1. I came up with one! DosVersecudosMania! Oops! That's Spanish too! Try to guess what bibliophonophobia means!
    Your friend,

  2. Awesome! I think that could be translated "the fear of audio books" or " the fear of adventures in Odyssey"! Take your pick!

  3. Great Job! I was thinking of the first one. Here's one more: Eubiblioskeptmania!

  4. What!!!! Madness for good book see?????? Oh, maybe you mean you have madness for every good book you see.

    Okay check out this word: Molluscophobia
    (Google it to find out what it means)

  5. Does it mean fear of slugs and snails?
    Okay... I guess mine was a little too far fetched. I'll give you a clue: Eu=good. Biblio=book. Skept=examine. Mania=madness for. If you put it together...madness for examining good book...One more clue:I'm thinking of a certain awesome book...Hmmmm...Guess!
    Your friend,

  6. Yep, you got it!

    You're thinking of either John (for quizzing) or the Official Adventures in Odyssey Guide, right?

  7. Close...This book is the best book ever. It's my favorite book, it's way better than the Adventures in odyssey official guide, and it is so awesome it is sometimes called "The Good Book." (Eubiblio) Guess!