Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Documentation of an Attempted Game of "Red Light, Green Light"

I was watching my siblings outside when I heard the most hilarious dialogue that I think I need to share with you.   Here it is!

Pumpkin stepped off the swing and said to Sunshine and Little Buddy,   "Let's play "Red Light, Green Light".  Sunshine, you can lead, but no purple and no PINK lights!  Only red and green."

"Okay, Pumpkin." she replied as she stomped off to the other end of the yard.  "Green Light!  Red Light 1, 2, 3!  You guys aren't frozen."

Little Buddy turned to Pumpkin and said, "I have to go to the bathroom!!!"

"You're moving!" Pumpkin replied.

"Ahh, Pumpkin!  That's because I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!"

" Me too, me too!!" yelled Sunshine, and the two of them raced inside.

 Looking dazed for a moment, Pumpkin shook his head and began to swing and hum.

Little Buddy was the first done.
When came back out he shouted anxiously at Pumpkin, "Did you wait for me?!!"

Aren't little kids the best!

In His name,
See ya!

Little Buddy

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  1. Yes, little kids are definitely the best! Most of the time!(= It sounds like something that would happen in our backyard.
    Your Friend,