Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lessons from a One Year Old: Part 1

Does it ever surprise you how the little things in life can remind you of the principles of the Christian faith?  For instance, last night I babysat for an adorable 18 month old.  Through his actions, he caused me to remember some of the basic lessons Jesus taught in the Bible.

Lesson 1:  Repetitive Failure

Last night, this little boy was playing in a toy car. (You know, one of those cars little kids sit in and push around with their feet.)  Well, he got in this car, pushed it around, and got stuck.  Then he got out, wheeled the car around to its original position, got in it, and promptly got stuck again! He repeated this about 10 or 15 times.

I wanted to laugh at him and say, "You silly boy, can't you see you're just going to get stuck again?"

Then I remembered.  How many times do I make a mistake, fix it, then go back in and do it over again?  Too many times.   Some times I wonder, how can God be patient enough to forgive me over and over again?  When people in my life disappoint me or repetitively do things to annoy me, I get frustrated at them.  I put higher expectations on others than I put on myself.  Thank you God for being so willing to forgive many, many times in a row.

In Veggie Tales movie Jonah, there is a song called "Second Chances"
Here is how the chorus goes:

Praise the Lord!
He's the God of second chances!
You'll be floored how His love your life enhances!
You can be restored from your darkest circumstances!
Our God is a God of second chances! 

Isn't that so true!

In His name, 
See ya!

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