Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Day of School!

God's Princess, M&M, Sweet Pea,
Pumpkin, Sunshine, Little Buddy
Today was the first day of school! This morning, after shower, chores, and making and eating breakfast, I went outside with all my siblings to get our pictures done.  (It is a tradition in my house to take pictures on the first day of school.)  On the side you can see one of our photos.

Today I experienced part of what my school workload will be.  I had quite a bit between history, language, bible, character, math (ugh!), and piano.  Part of my school will not start till September 20th, when we start our homeschool co-op.

Along with being a first day of school picture, on the side is the first picture I have posted of my siblings.  I will include a statement about each of them.

M&M is my awesome sister who is closest to me in age.  I share almost everything with her.  She is excited to be in Junior High this year.
Interesting Fact: When we were little, people thought we were twins.

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is my, well, sweet little sister.  I can't believe how big she is now; I remember when she was a baby.  She is my one sibling who is honestly hard for me to get mad at.
Interesting Fact: In a Christmas picture our family did when she was a baby, Sweet Pea played the part of Baby Jesus.

Pumpkin was my first little brother.  He had a very interesting growing-up time when he was little.  Because he had three big sisters, his was a world of dress-up and jewelry.  Of course he had cars and trains, but when he played with us it was always "Polly Pockets and Trains" or "Barbies and Cars".
Interesting Fact: When the nurse told us he was a boy, my Mom and Dad didn't believe her.

Sunshine and Little Buddy
Sunshine and Little Buddy are my two little munchkins who we adopted from Ethiopia nine months ago.  They are a ton of fun and I love them to pieces.  I am so glad they are a part of our family.
Interesting Facts:  Sunshine learned to read in English a month after she came home.  For the first few months he was home, Little Buddy refused to wear the boy dress-up and instead wore layer upon layer of leotards.

Here are just a few facts about my amazing siblings.  I hope to tell you more in the days to come.

In His name,
See ya!


  1. Girly...WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! haha you are gonna love it!

  2. Thanks Tay! By the way, It's raining here, and your post inspired me to jump in the puddles! Love Ya!

  3. Oh, and I did get your email.

  4. OOh I'm glad you jumped in the puddles!! Its WAY TOO MUCH FUNN!!! and yay...i'm glad you got it =)

  5. What an awesome picture of you guys! Have an awesome school year! Are you excited for co-op? I am!
    Your friend,

  6. Hey Hannah! Yeah, I am totally excited for co-op! Of course, that will bring the rest of my schoolwork, but WHO CARES! I miss you and all my friends soooooooo much!

    See you soon! Love ya!